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Additional information about Solar and Electric Geysers

Duratherm & Solartherm geyser tanks are made out of 2mm steel and encased in extra thick polyurethane foam far exceeding SABS requirements, making it a geyser with one of the lowest thermal losses. But that’s not the whole story.

Core to the Duratherm & Solartherm thermal conservation properties is the PEX lining, a revolutionary cross-linked polyethylene interior lining that displays extremely low thermal loss characteristics, and is bonded to the metal interior with a patented chemical system to prevent delamination.

The PEX lining further eliminates all water/steel contact. No tank corrosion means no need for a sacrificial magnesium anode, that means no maintenance or regular replacement. Duratherm geysers are:

  • Suitable for even the most corrosive waters
  • Maintenance-free
  • Guaranteed for 10 years
  • Manufactured from high-grade components only
  • SABS, Eskom and JASWIC approved
  • Recommended by plumbers, insurance firms and water engineers
  • Premium product at competitive price

Other features

  • Available in horizontal and vertical configurations
  • Solar and electric options
  • Plumber and electrician installation friendly

Duratherm & Solatherm

The choice of discerning plumbers, developers, water engineers and plumbing merchants since 1997.



Specifications for Duratherm Electrical Geyser


Specifications for Solartherm Direct Geysers


*Solartherm indirect Geysers available on request

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