Flexible corrugated with stainless steel tubing is a better alternative!

  • It’s easy.
  • It’s fast.
  • It’s durable.
  • It’s flexible.
  • It’s lightweight.

Product Advantages


Stainless Steel is corrosion-resistant and does not form any scales in the pipe, maintaining excellent heat efficiency (covered with a passive-state layer). This product does not show heat hardening unlike other general pipes. This product has a high flexibility unlike other pipes and less risk of being frozen and consequently bursting. Due to its high
impact resistance, this product can be used as an earthquake-proof piping material.

Since this product is fabricated in bellow form, it has higher internal pressure than other pipes and less risk of material deformation and destruction. Since this product is less likely to use connecting midline fittings compared with general rigid pipes, the probability of leaking through connecting areas is low.

No Special Tools or Expert Technique Required

It is easy to adjust the width, length and height during installation because this product can be bent without tools in narrow spaces. Compared with metal straight pipes, this product can reduce 40% of the construction cost due to reduction of construction period and labour cost.

Suitable to Sanitary Piping

This product is more hygienic than other piping materials since it is non-corrosive, stable without chemical changes and does not produce any ions harmful to human body.


Production Process

This product is conveniently applicable to wide areas due to the various sizes and lengths.

  • It is coiled into units of 30 meter rolls.
  • This product can be used in renovation, new construction of apartments, and construction of heating systems converting from central to individual.
  • This product is lightweight, making the transportation, management and installation convenient with no loss.


Corrugated Stainless Steel Piping has meet the required Standard and is in full. Compliance with ASTM A 312


Relevant Parts

Insert developed for EasyflexSA corrugated stainless steel piping:

  • This unique insert has been developed and registered by EasyflexSA (South Africa)
  • The insert ensures that Easyflex piping can be connected to Cobra compression fittings that all plumbers and industries use.
  • This breakthrough also ensures that no “special fittings” needs to be acquired to connect the corrugated stainless steel piping.


Protect yourself from sharp edges by always wearing protective gloves when handling the pipe.

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